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Autofurgo, the best price for your van in Vigo.

Do you need to make a move or a transport? Count on Autofurgo, we have the van rental you need.

We offer vehicles in Pontevedra from the following rental companies

Enterprise Mobility Available in:
Aeropuerto de Vigo
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Aeropuerto de Vigo
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Aeropuerto de Vigo
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Reviews from clients in PONTEVEDRA
Fernando S. C.
Muy buena atención, pero creo k deberían tener otro sistema de cobro para viajes largos por lo demás todo bien
Rafael . N. P.

Get to know Vigo

Fortunately, the days when approaching Galicia by road were an odyssey of epic proportions are long gone. Vigo is a well-communicated city that can be reached comfortably from different parts of Spain and Portugal. Rent a Autofurgo vehicle for your trip and see how easy it is to get to this municipality of Pontevedra!

The vans and minivans of our rental company are specially adapted to the rigors and demands of transporting goods and products of various kinds. If you have a catering, for example, and you need a vehicle with enough space to move food, tables, chairs, tents and everything you need for a successful event we have what you are looking for.

On our website you can review the different models of our fleet and select the one that best suits you both for its price and its size or equipment. Renting a vehicle is the easiest thing in the world and it is also very economical.

In Autofurgo we are proud to have the confidence of many users when it comes to choosing a rental van to transport important things. We know that you would not leave in the hands of just anyone the furniture of your home or your business material.

If you need us you can contact us through the Internet or by making a simple phone call. We will talk to you to see exactly what we can do for you and we will formalize the reservation of your van for as long as you want. Take the step and rent your vehicle with us!

Where to drop off and pick up your rental van in Vigo?

Autofurgo allows you the possibility to pick up and drop off your rental van in central areas of Vigo or at the Airport, located in the municipalities of Redondela and Mos, about 9 km from the city center of Vigo. Do you want to start your route in Vigo but leave your car in another Galician town? In Autofurgo we offer the One-Way system, so you only have to choose the destination that best suits you to return your van. Your online price comparator also has offices in Santiago Airport, Ferrol, Lugo, Orense, Pontevedra and Santiago de Compostela.

Why visit Vigo?

Because this city is the most populated of all the Galician community, serving as residence to almost 293,000 people from Vigo. This figure makes Vigo the most populated non-capital city in the country.
Popularly known as the olive city, this nickname is due to the fact that the co-cathedral of Santa María de Vigo housed in its atrium a large olive tree that had been planted by Knights Templar. In addition to this religious center, in this city it is important to visit the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, the Casco Vello and La Alameda. Do not miss three Romanesque churches of great beauty: San Salvador de Coruxo, Santa María de Castrelos and Santiago de Bembrive.
Although its historical-artistic heritage is important, tourists are attracted by its nine blue flag beaches. If you want to travel to a real paradise, don't forget to sail to the Cíes Islands.
The province of Pontevedra is famous for its "lacón con grelos" (pork shoulder with turnip tops), Galician empanada and polbo á feira. Seafood lovers will surely also enjoy the scallops, scallops, barnacles and mussels. But not all its gastronomy is based on seafood, since in Pontevedra dishes with chestnuts, filloas and fried milk are very common. To drink, nothing better than a queimada, a coffee liqueur or an albariño.

Getting to Vigo by road

Getting to Vigo by van from cities such as Madrid, A Coruña, Santiago and Oporto is a fairly simple task. For the team of Autofurgo is always important to provide our customers with useful information that allows them to go to the destination point of your trip.

Although this article is not the best place to make an exhaustive description of all access routes to Vigo, we will list some of them due to their importance or proximity to this Galician city:

  • The A-6 or Autovía del Noroeste and the A-52 or Autovía de las Rías Baixas: These two roads connect Madrid and Vigo. The journey takes approximately six hours.
  • The AP-9 and the A-55: They lead to the center of Vigo. These two roads connect Galicia and Portugal through their connection with the A-3, which passes through Oporto, Lisbon and Braga. In addition, the AP-9 also known as the Atlantic Highway links Vigo with A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Pontevedra, which makes it one of the most used roads to move around Galicia driving.

Choosing parking in Vigo

Paid parking lots are undoubtedly the most reliable places to leave our rental van. Using them not only we make sure that our vehicle does not suffer damage but also ensures that the cargo is not lost or damaged to be transported.

From Autofurgo we have compiled a brief selection of some of the parking lots in Vigo for our customers to get an idea of the areas in which they can park and the cost that may involve them:

  • Garage Roma and Compostela: It is located in the Plaza de Compostela itself. It is a covered place but with good lighting. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours of stay is 14 euros which makes it a quite affordable option.
  • Eloymar Tramways: This is a subway parking lot located on Calle de Areal. It can accommodate about 300 vehicles. It is open from Monday to Sunday. The fee for 24-hour parking is 15 euros. If you need to park for less time, the hourly rate is 1.85 euros.
  • Vigo Underground Parking: It is located in Montero Ríos Street. It is a subway parking lot open all day from Monday to Sunday. The 24-hour rate is 15.65 euros.
  • Príncipe: It is located at Calle de Eduardo Iglesias, 11. It is a multi-storey parking lot open from Monday to Sunday from eight in the morning to twelve at night. Its price for 24 hours is 20 euros.
  • Masaveu Parking: The address is Concello, Calle de Cachamuiña. It is a subway parking lot with 450 spaces. Some spaces are reserved for motorcycles. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours is 14.25 euros.

Speed Limits

People drive very fast in Vigo. It is not that most drivers break the speed limits but there are some who do. From Autofurgo want to seriously warn that if you are not used to driving in this Galician city should be forewarned as far as overtaking is concerned.