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Van rental in San Sebastián

In Furauto we are specialists in what van rental in Guipuzcoa is concerned. Vacations, business trips, removals and transport of goods have no secrets for us.


Furauto, specialists in van rental in San Sebastián

With Furauto's van rental in San Sebastian it will be as if you knew San Sebastian like the back of your hand. Sit down to taste the traditional Tolosa cider in Txaparro or be amazed by the skill of a pelotari playing in the Galarreta fronton. There is no more economical, fast and pleasant way to travel to the Basque Country than in one of our vans!

In Furauto we are specialists in what van rental is concerned. Vacations, business trips, removals and transport of goods have no secrets for us. Thanks to our experience we are able to advise and guide you when booking your rental vehicle so that you have the model that best suits your pace and needs.

And what do you have to do to get your rental van and benefit from our great prices and offers? Well, you don't even have to set foot on the street to go to one of our offices. Just go online and check our website or give us a call.

Our comparator is specially designed so that in a few simple steps you have booked your van without additional costs or surprise clauses. Indicate the days you are going to use the van, the features of the vehicle, the size you are looking for and where you would like the collection of your Furauto vehicle to take place, and that's it!

You will be delighted with how easy it is to organize the move to fit in with your work schedule or to have an extra vehicle at your disposal if you are a carrier and there is a delivery that you cannot postpone even though one of your vehicles has broken down. We take care of the unexpected and offer you alternatives to your mobility problems and lack of space in the trunk for all your things. Call us and we will inform you immediately!

Getting to San Sebastian by van

There are multiple routes to go to San Sebastian by road since this town connects at several points with both Spain and France. Below we will see some of the roads that lead to our destination:

  • A-1: Madrid-Irun direction.
  • A-63: Paris-Irun.
  • AP-8: Bilbao-Irun.
  • AP-15: This highway takes us from Pamplona to San Sebastian.

On this route it is very important to make sure you have your driver's license with you as it is compulsory to have it at hand on some stretches of the route to San Sebastian. We don't want your trip to be delayed for any reason!

Parking lots where to park the van

for users of Furauto rental vans can get the most out of our vehicles and move freely around San Sebastian and its surroundings we have compiled some interesting information about the parking lots available in different areas of the city:

  • Buen Pastor: It is a subway car park with 967 parking spaces located at Callejón de San Bartolomé, 1. It is open from Monday to Sunday. It offers different hourly rates, the highest being the 24-hour parking which costs about 24.57 euros. It is very popular among its users because it has two entrances from parallel streets. There are no height restrictions.
  • Empark Aparcamientos y Servicios, S.A: The La Concha subway is located in Plaza Cervantes. It has capacity for 1,274 vehicles and is open every day of the week. The price for parking a van for 24 hours is 24.70 euros. There is an elevator, toilets, car wash and parking spaces reserved for the disabled. Its location on the beachfront and close to the center is unbeatable.
  • Boulevard: Underground with 516 parking spaces located at Alameda del Boulevard, 2. It is open from Monday to Sunday and its 24-hour parking fee is 24.70 euros. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card. There are no height restrictions.

Driving in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a place where taking a rental car or van allows you to get almost anywhere in a relatively short time. There are many excursions for which the use of a vehicle is indispensable so those who want to explore the charms of not only this city but also the province can do so with autonomy and independence thanks to Furauto.