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Rent a van in Pamplona. Consult with Furauto.

At Furauto we work every day to be able to offer our customers in Pamplona the best equipped vans for rent at the most reasonable prices.

We offer vehicles in Navarra from the following rental companies

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Pamplona is a kind of nerve center of the foral community of Navarre. Although the city is located in a mountainous belt, it is easy to reach by road. For this and other reasons, in Furauto we did not want to waste the opportunity to implement here our passion for transport in rental vans.

In Furauto work every day to be able to offer our customers the best equipped rental vans at the most reasonable prices. The transport of goods, products and merchandise is the heart of our company and we want your cargo reaches its destination with all the guarantees.

We have a wide network of offices in different parts of Spain to give our users the widest possible geographical coverage. It doesn't matter where your journey starts or where you are going because our professionals will always be with you every step of the way to assist you as only we know how.

Don't worry about anything when it comes to vehicle maintenance. In Furauto we make sure that our vans are ready and never fail you in the middle of a journey unexpectedly. Nobody likes surprises when traveling by road!

The reliability and safety of our vans and minivans are the cornerstones that will help you stay on track and complete your journey as planned and in the time you set for yourself.

The transport solutions we provide to our customers with our rental vans and minivans can be applied to different types of transportation. Businesses and individuals can benefit from our experience in the sector to carry products, company materials or simply furniture and household goods. Try it!

Where to pick up and drop off your rental van in Pamplona?

You can easily pick up and drop off your Furauto rental vehicle in Pamplona's neuralgic areas, such as its train station. Of course, also at the local airport, located 6 kilometers from the capital between the municipalities of Noáin and Esquíroz.
In Furauto we offer the One-Way service, which allows you to return your van in a different city. See below for other nearby destinations that may be of interest to you:

  • Bilbao Airport
  • San Sebastian Airport
  • Zaragoza Airport
  • Bilbao Airport
  • Logroño
  • San Sebastian
  • Vitoria
  • Zaragoza


Reasons to visit Pamplona

Pamplona is the city of the Sanfermines, a celebration in honor of San Fermin de Amiens that takes place every year in July. Although the festival is famous in Spain, it is also known in the rest of the world thanks to Ernest Hemingway and his novel 'Fiesta'.
It is believed that the city was founded by Pompey in 74 BC, although the Romans were not its only settlers. In addition to the Basques, the Germans, Visigoths and Muslims also settled in this territory. For all these reasons, Pamplona is a city with a rich tradition.
The City Hall, the Palace of Navarre, the Paseo de Sarasate, the Royal Chamber of Commerce and the Plaza del Castillo are good examples of its civil architecture, with the Cathedral of Santa María being the most outstanding religious building. Special mention should also be made of its parks, bridges, fountains and statues, which you can discover while strolling through the streets.
Once here, don't forget to go out for Pintxos in the old town. Surely some of them incorporate artichokes, cardoons or borage, three of its most acclaimed vegetables. In addition, Navarra has two sheep's milk cheeses with Designation of Origin: Roncal and Idiazábal.

Get to know the surroundings of Pamplona

In addition to visiting the capital, your rental van will allow you to travel comfortably throughout Navarre in the company of your family or friends. Although there are many places to highlight, below you will find five very interesting municipalities:


You can comfortably reach this Navarrese town by driving 36 minutes from Pamplona on the A-12. Estella has several religious monuments, including the Church of San Pedro de la Rúa, San Miguel and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is also possible to visit the Castillo Mayor, the Palacio de los Reyes de Navarra, the Judería Nueva and the Parque de los Desvelados.


Drive your Furauto rental van for 35 minutes along the AP-15 until you reach this town of less than 4,000 inhabitants. In this beautiful town you can visit the Church of Santa María La Real, the Palace of the Teobaldos, the Palace of the Kings of Navarre and the Walls, remains of an ancient Roman fortification.

Queen's Bridge

Known in Basque as Gares, this town is famous because it is where the two routes from the French Way of St. James meet. In addition to the Romanesque bridge over the Arga River, you can visit the hermitage of San Martín de Gomacin and the churches of Santiago, the Crucifix and San Pedro. To reach this town of 2,800 inhabitants, drive 21 kilometers southwest on the A-12.


The A-21 connects in 46 kilometers the capital of Navarre with Sangüesa, a town with a population of 5,000 inhabitants. The trip, which takes just over half an hour, will take you to the Church of Santa María la Real, the jewel of the town. You can also visit other religious centers, the Palace of the Kings of Navarre, the Town Hall, the Bridge over the Aragon River and the Old Bridge over the Onsella River.


The AP-15 joins in 40 kilometers these two towns in just over half an hour, so it is a journey that you can make quietly with your rental van. The city combines medieval tradition with modern buildings, creating a unique and charming place. Do not miss the Casa de los Mencos, the Palace of the Marquises of Falces, the remains of the Wall, the Palace of the Marquis of Feri or its religious monuments.


This historic town is located one hour from Pamplona. To travel here, you will have to drive your Furauto rental van along the N-135 for about 47 kilometers. Roncesvalles, which serves as a passage for the Camino de Santiago, preserves the Pilgrims' Hospital, the Chapel of Sancti Spiritus, the Pilgrims' Church, the Itzandeguía Hostel, the Chapel of San Agustín, the Church of the Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María, a Library and a Museum.


Zugarramurdi is a small village in Navarre bordering the French border and the municipality of Sare. Populated by about 260 inhabitants, it will go down in history because forty of its neighbors were burned at the stake accused of witchcraft in 1610. In addition to the Church of the Assumption and the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Rosary, you should visit the Cave of the Aquelarres.

Why visit Navarra?

Because Navarra is the perfect place to let yourself go, feel free and enjoy nature. In order to travel comfortably around the region of Navarra and experience and exploit all that this land has to offer, we recommend you to rent a van from Furauto, the best way to travel cheaply!
In Navarra there are more than 636,000 inhabitants in 272 municipalities, although most of them, almost 202,000, live in Pamplona (more than 300,000 if we take into account its metropolitan area).
Thousands of people come to Navarre every year to run, laugh and have fun during the Sanfermines, although the Navarrese Pyrenees, an area of great natural beauty, is an even greater attraction. The Camino de Santiago is also an element to consider, since one of the routes starts in the Navarrese community, in Roncesvalles.
The gastronomy of Navarre is a mixture of Basque, Aragonese and Riojan customs, although this region produces a typical and exclusive drink that delights people from all over the world. The Navarrese patxarán is made from the blackthorns of its forests and its peculiar flavor and aroma have obtained its own Denomination of Origin.

Main towns in the province of Navarra

  • Alsasua
  • Estella
  • Ansoáin
  • Huarte
  • Aranguren
  • Noáin
  • Barañáin
  • Pamplona
  • Baztan
  • San Adrián
  • Berrioplano
  • Tafalla
  • Berriozar
  • Tudela
  • Burlada
  • Egüés Valley
  • Cintruénigo
  • Villava
  • Corella
  • Zizur Mayor

How to get to Pamplona Driving

Getting in and out of Pamplona is easy if you know a little about its roads. First of all, it is worth mentioning the main cities with which Pamplona is connected by road: Huesca, Zaragoza, Logroño, San Sebastian and Iruña: Huesca, Zaragoza, Logroño, San Sebastian and Irun.

From Furauto we will provide our customers with a list of some of the most important access to Pamplona:

  • The AP-15: Toll freeway whose route goes from the south of Navarra to San Sebastian through Pamplona.
  • The NA-135: It makes the Pamplona-France route through Valcarios.
  • The N-111: It covers the distance from Pamplona to Logroño.
  • The N-121: Connects Pamplona and Zaragoza. It connects with the AP-15. From this road you can reach the AP-68 that would take us to Zaragoza and Logroño.
  • The N-121-A: It makes the route Pamplona-Behovia through the port of Velate.
  • The N-240: Pamplona-Jaca.
  • The N-240-A: This is the Sakana Highway that links Pamplona, Vitoria and San Sebastian. It also connects with the AP-15 at Irurtzun.

Looking for Parking in Pamplona

In Furauto we want to avoid at all costs that our customers are stressed with the eternal dilemma of where to leave the van. With this purpose in mind we have compiled a few suggestions of which parking lots can be visited in Pamplona to avoid driving around looking for a space in the street big enough for our rental van:

  • Empark Aparcamientos y Servicios S.A: It is located in the Plaza del Baluarte. It is a subway pay station with lighting. Among its attractions is the fact that there are toilets, spaces reserved for the disabled and recharging for electric cars. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours is 100 euros.
  • UTE Estación de Autobuses: The address is Calle de Yanguas y Miranda. It is a subway and illuminated parking lot with 591 spaces available. It is open from Monday to Sunday. The rate for 24 hours is 10 euros.
  • Gestión y Aparcamientos Pamplona: It is located at Carlos III, Calle Navarro Villoslada. This subway parking lot is well lit. It has spaces reserved for motorcycles. The maximum height of vehicles must be 2.10 meters. It is open from Monday to Sunday and its price for 24 hours is 28.70 euros.
  • Tajonar Street: It is an uncovered parking lot where you can park for free. It is on the street of the same name and has a capacity of 360 spaces.
  • Empark Aparcamientos y Servicios S.A: In this case the parking lot is located in Plaza Blanca de Navarra. It has toilets, reserved spaces for motorcycles and handicapped persons and electric car recharging. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours is 10 euros.

Want to know more about Furauto in Pamplona? Great! Browse the web whenever and wherever you want to take a look at the range of vehicles we have prepared for you. You can make your reservation directly or contact one of our agents if you need further guidance.