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Van rental in Murcia

With Furauto's van rental in Murcia your removals and trips to this city will be a matter of the blink of an eye.


Van rental in Murcia

With Furauto's van rental in Murcia your moves and trips to this city will be a matter of the blink of an eye. You will even have time to taste a glass of wine in La Parranda or marvel at the baroque imprint of its streets, didn't you think such a thing was possible?

The climate, the fiestas, the gastronomy, the people... There is a long list of reasons why a trip to Murcia sounds so appealing. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to afford the cost of train or plane tickets. For these cases it is best to book a rental van in which they can go without problems a more or less large group of people and all their luggage. Call Furauto and start organizing your trip!

Maybe you are considering a totally different trip. If what you want is to give a transport service to your customers and make a good impression our vehicles will help you get that professional image so necessary in business dealings.

Individuals, carriers and all types of companies can take advantage of Furauto's rental vans. The vehicles can be booked in two different but equally simple ways.

First, you can go directly to our website and select within a small form where you need your vehicle, how you want it and when you are going to both pick it up and deliver it. We have offices located in the main Spanish provinces and cities, you just have to tell us which one you are interested in!

If the Internet is not an option for you for whatever reason, you can also book your van by phone. Call our contact number and one of the Furauto advisors will guide and advise you to find your ideal vehicle in a moment.

Ask us anything! The conditions of hiring our rental vans have no catch or cardboard. We do not want you to leave any doubt unresolved and you can always count on our team members if there is any aspect that is not clear enough for you.

In short, Furauto is the company to turn to if you need a rental van for a trip or a move. Our vehicles drive like silk, have all the amenities and also provide you with the space and freedom of movement that you need. Why settle for anything when you can have a first class rental service at an unbeatable price?

Main roads in Murcia

As far as road communications are concerned Murcia has a great reputation. It is easy to get here from many other parts of Spain but here we will only talk about the most important roads:

  • The A-92: Motorway connecting Seville, Granada and Murcia.
  • The A-3: It covers the route Madrid-Valencia-Murcia.
  • The E-15: Connects Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante and Murcia.
  • The coastal road 332 also reaches Cartagena.

Parking the vehicle in Murcia

For many, the worst part of the trip is not the kilometers of distance, the hours behind the wheel or carrying the house on your back in your suitcases. The most stressful thing is the moment of parking the van. Relax, in Furauto we know that when you get to your destination you are tired and want to make things easy. That's why we are going to give you some interesting information about the parking lots in Murcia:

  • Aparcamiento Vistalegre S.L: It is located at Avenida Marqués de los Vélez, 2. It is open from Monday to Sunday. It is a bit expensive considering that payment must be made in cash. The fee for 24-hour parking is 23.60 euros.
  • New Capital 2000, S.L: The parking lot itself is called Centrofama. It is a subway car park with 580 spaces open to the public from Monday to Sunday. The price for 24-hour parking is 26.52 euros. It is well lit and has a car wash, toilets and elevator.
  • Parking Plaza Universidad: It is a subway parking lot located on Avenida Rector José Loustau. It is open from Monday to Sunday and 24-hour parking costs 27.95 euros. The great advantage is that it has no height restrictions.

Dangers when driving in Murcia

A recent study carried out jointly by the Línea Directa Foundation and the Spanish Road Safety Foundation reveals that 51% of drivers in Murcia do not stop to rest when they start to feel the ravages of sleep. These data, made public in July 2017, are somewhat alarming if we take into account the danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

Making the corresponding stops during our road trip, drinking sugary soft drinks and even taking turns with other drivers when our strength is flagging are some of the recommendations to follow to prevent sleep from causing us to have an accident with unforeseeable consequences.