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Van rental in Mallorca

In Furauto we have the van you need for your deliveries in Majorca.


Furauto van hire office in Mallorca

Having a van rental office in Mallorca is very important for Furauto. Don't be fooled by its spectacular beaches because this island has a lot to offer. Golf courses, the Genova Caves, the Bellver Castle... If you don't drive you won't have time to visit everything!

There are many who have gone to Mallorca in search of work over the years and then have stayed to live there in love with the life and the atmosphere of this island. If you have just arrived and do not know what to do so that the removal companies do not take all your savings, Furauto offers you the most spacious and manageable rental vans on the market.

It is no longer necessary to put your furniture in a vehicle too small and spend the day running around from one place to another to move your things. A good van will make your job much easier and save you a considerable amount of time that you can invest in enjoying your new home.

And what if you are only going to spend a few days in Mallorca with your family, do you need a rental van? Of course you do! With our vehicles you can make as many routes and excursions as you want to discover the monumental heritage of Mallorca or sunbathe by the sea. You will be convinced when you see that you don't have to juggle to put the sun lounger, the parasol and the surfboards!

On the other hand, supplies on an island are not something to take lightly. At Furauto we have a wide variety of transport vehicles of different sizes such as 7m³, 10m³, 12m³, 15m³ and 20m³. Don't miss a delivery and ruin your reputation because one of your vehicles breaks down!

In short, the Furauto team has everything calculated to provide our customers the van rental service that responds more accurately to their needs or transportation problems.

To book your van just fill out a form on our website or call us if you prefer to deal directly with one of our agents. Tell us the date you plan to use your rental van and the model you would like or its characteristics. You will not have to pay anything in advance and you will be able to pick up and drop off the van at any of our offices, ask for more information without obligation!

Main roads in Mallorca

Obviously, we are not going to travel to Mallorca driving our rental van. However, once on the island, it is advisable to get a map that explains the layout of the main roads in order to drive smoothly. We are going to see some of the roads of the basic Majorcan network:

  • Ma-1: Also known as Motorway of Levante. It goes in direction Palma de Mallorca- Andrach.
  • Ma-11: Joins Majorca with the Port of Soller.
  • Ma-13 or Inca Motorway: It covers the route Palma de Mallorca - Alcudia.
  • Ma-20: This is the Majorcan ring road.

Paid parking in Mallorca

In Furauto we have done some research about the different parking lots in Mallorca so that our customers only have to worry about enjoying the beaches and landscapes of the island. Next, we are going to see in more detail some of these places where you can leave your rental van:

  • Airport-Carparking-Mallorca: There is always the option of leaving the van in the vicinity of the Airport. The address of this parking is Polígono Son Oms, Calle Canal de San Jordi, 1-3. Given its location the prices are somewhat high but the attention of the personnel is very good.
  • Subway parking Paseo de Mallorca: It is located in Passeig de Mallorca, 7. Its prices are economic in spite of being in the proximity of the historical center and of a picnic zone of familiar atmosphere.
  • Parking Saba Sa Gerreria Palma de Mallorca: This establishment is located in Plaça de Sant Antoni. It is highly regarded for its location although access could be improved.

Driving a van in Mallorca

Mallorca is considered one of the best Spanish cities when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. In addition to the benevolence of its climate, which leaves no room for continuous downpours or extreme temperatures, there is also the good condition of the roads.

It is true that a few years ago the works were a nuisance for tourists and residents, but once the layout of almost the entire road network is finished, driving a vehicle around Mallorca is very practical and agile. Great to get behind the wheel of your Furauto rental van!