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Looking for car rental in León? Do it with Autofurgo

We have all sizes of vans in León , consult without obligation!

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Get to know León

The city of Leon with its spectacular stained glass windows of the Gothic Cathedral and other architectural wonders such as the Palacio del Conde Luna is a place full of history and life. From Autofurgo we want to help you not to miss any of the nooks and crannies of its streets touring them in your rental van, drive and enjoy!

Your apartment is no longer enough for you and you are planning to move? You are studying abroad and you are going to leave your parents' house? Your company urgently needs an extra vehicle to meet the transport needs of your customers? Do not think twice because in Autofurgo and we have it all thought out for you to make your move without stress and without stress.

Browsing our website you can examine in detail all models of vans and minivans that you can rent using our services. Tell us the number of doors and seats you prefer, the cargo capacity of the vehicle and the size of the model you are looking for. We want you to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

If you don't find exactly the information you want to know, no problem. Our staff knows everything there is to know about the world of transportation and will provide you with the information you request as soon as possible.

And do not be afraid of the formalities of the process of renting your van. In Autofurgo we are aware that our users value transparency and agility when hiring our services and we work tirelessly to meet those expectations.

Keep in mind that renting a vehicle will give you greater autonomy when you make your transfers and move around the city. Public transportation is no good when it comes to carrying bulky packages and large boxes.

Organize your van's storage space as you see fit and rest easy knowing that your valuables are with you every step of the way to your destination. Unexpected losses of materials and money are a thing of the past thanks to vehicle rental, come and see what we can do for you from Autofurgo!

Where to pick up a rental van in Leon?

You will be able to pick up and drop off your rental vehicle easily at central locations in León and Ponferrada. At Autofurgo, we also have offices in the following locations in Castilla y León:

  • Avila
  • Burgos
  • Salamanca
  • Segovia
  • Soria
  • Valladolid


Why visit León?

Because in this city you will find the Cathedral of Santa María de Regla, the first "monument" declared in Spain. This impressive Gothic temple, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, is also located in the middle of the Camino de Santiago.
In this capital you can also visit other religious centers, such as the Basilica of San Isidro and the Old Convent of San Marcos. Within its civil architecture, the Palacio de los Guzmanes and the Casa Botines, designed by the master Antonio Gaudí, stand out.
The city also has an exquisite gastronomy, especially its sausages. It is impossible to miss the Botillo del Bierzo or the cecina, black pudding and chorizo from León. Succulent are the Maragato stew, the trout soup and its wines with denomination of origin: Bierzo and Tierras de León. The sweeter ones may opt for the mantecadas de Astorga, the nicanores de Boñar and the rosquillas de San Froilán.

Get to know León

León is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, as is its province. If you have time, get lost in the geography of León. If not, at least try to visit the following towns:


The AP-71 connects in about 50 kilometers the capital with Astorga, one of the cities with more history of the province. It was founded as a Roman military camp at the end of the 1st century B.C. under the name of Asturica Augusta. From this period it is still possible to visit the thermal baths, the forum and the wall. Do not leave Astorga without visiting the Cathedral of Santa María, the Episcopal Palace and the City Hall.

Castrillo de los Polvazares

Follow the same route. Once in Astorga, link with the LE-142 to enter this peculiar municipality populated by 81 neighbors. This small village is preserved as it was built, with cobbled streets and stone facades. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1980.

Villafranca del Bierzo

Continuing another 25 kilometers along the A-6 we arrive at Villafranca del Bierzo, one of the few municipalities in León where Galician is still spoken. The town, inhabited by about 3,150 villafranquinos, is located at the confluence of the Burbia and Valcarce rivers. Enjoy its gastronomy while visiting the Santa Iglesia Colegiata de Santa María de Cluny, the Church of San Nicolás el Real, the Monastery of San Francisco de Asís and the Castle of the Counts of Peña Ramiro.


Main towns in León

  • Astorga
  • León
  • Bembibre
  • Ponferrada
  • Cacabelos
  • San Andrés del Rabanedo
  • Camponaraya
  • Sariegos
  • Carracedelo
  • Toreno
  • Cistierna
  • Valencia de Don Juan
  • Fabero
  • Valverde de la Virgen
  • La Bañeza
  • Villablino
  • La Pola de Gordón
  • Villafranca del Bierzo
  • La Robla
  • Villaquilambre

Alternatives to drive to León

Next we are going to carry out a brief approximation of the roads that allow us to get into León at the wheel of our rental van. We hope it will be useful to our users when taking the first steps to choose their route:

  • The AP-66: Also known as the Huerna highway. It takes us to León if we start from the Northern territories of Spain connecting with the N-120. Of course, you will have to pay a toll.
  • The A-231 or Burgos Motorway: From this also toll road we can connect with the N-601 which leads to the León ring road.
  • The A-6 Motorway: You can drive along it until you reach Astorga and either continue along the N-120 or pay the toll of the AP-71.
  • The A-6 highway: At the height of Benavente you can change to the A-66 and once there, when you are arriving to León, take the detour 149 to Onzonilla.

Towing companies and services in León

When traveling or moving, all possible contingencies must be taken into account. We can have a puncture or a small breakdown that does not allow us to move forward. Knowing several roadside assistance phone numbers in the area where we are can be of vital importance so from Rentoauto we want to provide some information of this nature to our customers:

  • Grúas Juan: This company provides mechanical roadside assistance service 24 hours a day. There are two telephone numbers: 902239999 and 987239999. Beware of special rates.
  • Grúas Hermanos Pérez: To contact this company in case of incident call 987260898.

Gas stations and service stations in the city

  • Estación de Servicio Campus: It is located in Calle de la Serna, 86. Telephone: 987249516.
  • Dibagas: This 24-hour gas station is located at Carretera Alija, km 1. The customer service number is 987655452.
  • Leonesa De Petróleos: Gas station at Avenida de los Agustinos, 27. Contact telephone number: 987275400.

Choose parking in León

  • Plaza Mayor: It is located at Calle del Caño Badillo, 6. It is a subway but illuminated parking lot. It accepts both cash and credit card payments. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours is 20.30 euros.
  • Colón: It is located at Calle de la Roa de la Vega, 27. It is a subway parking lot with lighting. The maximum height of the vehicles is 2.39 meters. It offers space for motorcycles and bicycle parking. Open from Monday to Sunday. Its rate for 24 hours is 18 euros.
  • Calle la Granja: These are uncovered parking spaces located on the street of the same name. The advantage is that it is free of charge.
  • In the Territorial Delegation of the Junta we find another subway parking that can be useful. It is on Avenida de España. It is open from Monday to Sunday and the 24-hour stay is 10 euros.
  • Estacionamientos Urbanos de León S.A: It can be useful if you want to park your van for short periods of time. The minimum stay is 30 minutes and the maximum stay is two hours. It is located on Avenida Lancia. It is open from Monday to Saturday from ten in the morning to two in the afternoon. The good thing is that you can park for free outside these hours. Normally, one hour of parking costs eighty cents.
  • Garaje Guzmán: It is located at Calle de la Roa de la Vega, 32. The hours are from seven in the morning to ten at night from Monday to Sunday. The rate for one hour is 1 euro and the maximum allowed is 10 euros. As an extra service it has a car wash.
  • Avenida de Ordoño II: Here there is a subway parking lot which is open non-stop from Monday to Sunday. It has an elevator and is well lit.

Driving a rental van around León with a view to moving or transporting goods is undoubtedly a good decision. Use the vehicle only for the time you need it and do not spend money outsourcing services of your company that you can do yourself or your employees quickly, cheaply and efficiently. Contact us without obligation!