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Furauto, rent a van in Jaén at the best price

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Reviews from clients in JAEN
Rapidez, eficacia. Ha sido muy fácil contactar y disponer del vehículo que necesitaba a un precio bastante razonable.
Fernando S. C.
Maitane L.
Francisco S. M.

Driving in Jaén

Jaén is much more than olive trees. Archaeological sites or an extensive network of castles are just some of the things that seduce the visitor when he approaches these lands for the first time. Maybe you fall in love with its charms and decide to move... That's what Furauto's rental cars are for!

The strong point of our company is the rental of vans and minivans. If what you want is a spacious vehicle that at the same time gives you freedom of movement either in the city or on the road, we are just what you were looking for.

In Furauto have a wide selection of vehicles of different models and sizes that are perfectly suited to the load you have to transport from one place to another. Removals and shipments of bulky packages will not become a nuisance anymore.

With a rental van you can load and unload the vehicle as many times as you want until your move is finished. Don't complicate things and choose the simplest, most direct and economical option by renting a rental vehicle.

Furauto's agents are qualified personnel specially trained to advise you and help you in everything related to the rental of your vehicle. Do not leave any questions unanswered and talk to us either by phone or by contacting us through our website.

Where to pick up and drop off your rental van in Jaén?

The Furauto price comparator allows you to pick up and drop off your rental van in Jaén, in Linares and in Úbeda. If you prefer to choose other cities, you should know that we also have branches in the following Andalusian municipalities:

  • Córdoba
  • Huelva
  • Isla Cristina
  • Jerez Airport
  • Algeciras
  • Cadiz
  • Chiclana de la Frontera
  • Conil de la Frontera
  • Jerez de la Frontera
  • La Línea de la Concepción
  • Rota
  • Granada
  • Almeria Airport
  • Almeria
  • Mojacar
  • Roquetas
  • Seville Airport
  • Dos Hermanas
  • Mairena de Aljarafe
  • Seville
  • Málaga Airport
  • Antequera
  • Malaga
  • Marbella


Why visit Jaén?

Because Jaén, historically known as "the capital of the Holy Kingdom", is one of the most contrasting provinces in Spain. In addition to serving as the gateway to Andalusia, as it is located between the Sierra Morena and the Betic Mountains, it has an exceptional natural landscape. Jaén is also world famous for being the land of Olive Oil.
Its historical and artistic heritage is quite enviable. The Cathedral, the Basilica of San Ildefonso, the Arab Baths and the Jewish Quarter are well worth a visit. However, among all its monuments, the Castle of Jaén stands out, made up of the Castle of Santa Catalina, the Old Fortress and the Abrehuí.

Get to know the province of Jaén

Visit the capital of Jaén and then get lost among its villages. Also, remember that this province is home to the highest concentration of castles, battlements and fortresses in Europe.

Alcalá la Real

This town, located in the region of the Sierra Sur, is populated by just over 22,000 alcalaínos. Its main monument is the Fortress of La Mota. In its interior stands the Iglesia Mayor Abacial, the Alcazaba and the Muralla. The best way to get to Alcala la Real is to drive on the A-316 towards Alcaudete and connect here with the N-432.


Drive along the A-316 or Autovía del Olivar for about 55 kilometers to enter this beautiful town on the Carretera de Úbeda. In Baeza, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003, Antonio Machado worked as a French grammar teacher for more than seven years. Special mention should be made of its spectacular Holy Week.

Baños de la Encina

2,672 inhabitants populate this charming village in the region of Sierra Morena. At the top of the hill and crowning this municipality stands the Burgalimar Castle, one of the oldest in Europe. To access this town with your rental van, take the E-902 (also called Autovía de Sierra Nevada - Costa Tropical) for about 39 minutes. Enter Baños de la Encina on the A-6100.

La Iruela

It is necessary to take four roads to travel from Jaén to La Iruela (A-316, N-322, A-315 and A-319). Although the road is long, just over 100 kilometers, it will be worthwhile to visit this small town located at the foothills of the Sierra de Cazorla. Impossible not to visit its castle of Almohad origin and the Church of Santo Domingo.

Main municipalities of the province of Jaén

  • Alcalá la Real
  • Mancha Real
  • Alcaudete
  • Marmolejo
  • Andújar
  • Martos
  • Baeza
  • Mengíbar
  • Bailén
  • Torredelcapo
  • Cazorla
  • Torredonjimeno
  • Jaén
  • Torreperogil
  • Jódar
  • Úbeda
  • La Carolina
  • Vilacarrillo
  • Linares
  • Villanueva del Arzobispo

Taking a look at the roads of Jaén

When traveling by van the province of Jaen very well valued by drivers because given its location as a link between Andalusia and the rest of Spain road communications are good and accessible.

Next, from Furauto want to offer our customers a general overview of the access roads to Jaen that although not enough to plan a complete route if we hope to serve as general guidance:

  • The A-4 or Andalusia Highway runs through the province from north to south.
  • The A-32: It joins Bailén with Linares.
  • The A-316: Connects Jaén with Martos and Mancha Real.
  • The A-44: It reaches Jaén and Granada.
  • The N-322: Passes through Úbeda and continues towards Albacete.
  • The N-432: Covers the route Granada-Badajoz and passes through the Sierra de Jaén reaching points such as Alcaudete or Alcalá la Real.

Vehicle rescue services in Jaén

Every good driver knows that when traveling on the road, caution is the best way to reach your destination without surprises. In this small section of the article we are going to include some contact telephone numbers of roadside assistance companies so that you know who to turn to if necessary:

  • Grúas Ozaez: This is a 24-hour roadside towing service. The company's telephone number is 953672222.
  • Asistencia Torressur: Experts in vehicle transfers and rescue. To hire their services call 953321339 or 615441156.
  • Grúas Abolacias: Handles the towing of vehicles in Jaén. It can be contacted through the telephone 617319191.

Filling the tank in Jaén

So that the lack of fuel does not stop our clients in Rentoauto we have compiled the addresses and telephone numbers of some gas stations. Of course, the information described here is brief but we believe that this does not detract from its usefulness:

  • Estación De Servicio Faro: It is located in Alcaudete and it is specially indicated to make use of it when arriving or leaving Jaén. The address is carretera N-432, Intersección A-316. The information telephone number is 953708944.
  • La planeta: It is a traditional gas station. It is located at exit 36 of the A-316. The contact number is 953352001.
    Estaciones de Servicio Quesada: The address is Carretera de Madrid s/n. The telephone number is 953280421.

Parking that can be found in Jaén

The paid parking spaces that we can find in Jaén have relatively affordable prices. From Furauto think this is important for our customers in order to organize their transport knowing that your vehicle is parked properly and in a sheltered place.

The company Epassa has several parking services distributed by different areas of the city. Here we have selected two because of their prices and because we cover more areas in terms of parking suggestions:

  • Epassa: This parking lot is located on Avenida Plaza de los Perfumes. The parking spaces are subway but the facilities are illuminated. There are 912 spaces with some of the spaces reserved for motorcycles and handicapped. It is open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours is 15.75 euros.
  • Epassa: As already mentioned, this is another parking lot belonging to the same company mentioned above. In this case it is located in San Francisco. Joaquín Tenorio Street. As a novelty we highlight its night rate, since from Thursday to Saturday from nine at night to seven in the morning parking costs about 3 euros. Otherwise, it is open from Monday to Sunday and the 24-hour rate is also 15.75 euros.
  • Interparking Hispania S.A: It is located in the Plaza de la Constitución. It is a subway parking lot with elevator and well-lit. It has parking spaces for the disabled. The users value positively that the entrance and exit of the complex is easy to access. It is open from Monday to Sunday and its price for 24 hours is 15.75 euros.
  • Arjomar S.A: The address of this parking lot is Calle Pío XII. This site has covered parking spaces and offers a car wash. It is open from Monday to Sunday and its price for 24 hours stay is €20.
  • El Valle: This is an Epassa company parking lot that can accommodate up to 275 vehicles. It is located in Santa María del Valle Street. It is open from Monday to Sunday and its price for leaving the car or van 24 hours is 15.75 euros. As additional information it is worth mentioning that it has parking spaces for handicapped people and motorcycles.
  • Teatro: Car park located at Calle Millán de Priego, 93. It is open every day, including Saturdays and Sundays. As this is another Epassa establishment, the price is 15.75 euros for a day's stay, as in the previous case.
  • Parking Peñamefecit: This is a covered facility with capacity for 220 vehicles located on Alicante Street. It is open all day from Monday to Sunday. Its rate for 24 hours is 15.75 euros.

Sustainable transport in Jaén

This city has long been committed to improving public transport and increasing the use of bicycles. However, in the urban centers the car is still the preferred option to move around the streets of Jaén.

Using our rental van should not scare us in the least even though other transportation alternatives are being promoted. In any case, these measures help to alleviate some of the more or less dense traffic common in cities of some importance.

Jaen does not present particularly severe restrictions to circulate through its streets in minivan or van so our rental vehicles will be of great help to go from one side of the city to another.

Request a quote for van rental in Linares

Requesting a quote for van rental in Linares has never been easier. Furauto compares prices of van rental companies and offers the best price for your area. Rent your van with the best market conditions.

Book a rental van and visit Linares without having to rely on public transport schedules or waiting. Visit Jaén at your own pace, without rushing.