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Rent a van in Santander at the best price with Autofurgo

From Autofurgo we want to put all our experience and the best selection of vans and minivans at the service of all citizens of Santander.

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Get to know Santander

If there is one word to describe Santander, it is impressive. This city straddling the sea and the mountains and with its buildings of the nineteenth century is actually a center of activity in the trade and services sector. An appetizing morsel for any company dedicated to transport that wants to have a presence in the outstanding urban centers of our country.

From Autofurgo want to put all our experience and the best selection of vans and minivans at the service of each and every one of the citizens of Santander. Because in our case it is not just about renting vehicles but to help our customers in such critical moments as a move or transport of goods.

You decide how you want to fill our vans. It doesn't matter if you need it to carry a lot of things or if you need it to take the whole family around the city. Whatever the steps or journeys you have to do in Autofurgo we will lend a hand to reach your destination by providing the best assistance and spacious vehicles and cared for with care.

Do not hesitate a moment. Our rental vans in Santander are the answer when there is no room for transport errors and all boxes and packages must reach their destination without delays and in perfect condition.

Because we know that what you keep in our vans is important to you, we will advise you when choosing the rental vehicle that is most convenient for you, contact us or look for information about our van rental service in Santander on our company's website!

Where to drop off and pick up your rental van in Santander?

Furauto's price comparator allows you to pick up and drop off your rental van in central areas of Santander, such as its train or bus station. Of course, also at the Seve Ballesteros - Santander Airport, located in the nearby town of Camargo. If you wish to pick up your car in Cantabria but return it in another city, take advantage of our One-Way service. Here are some of the other destinations near Santander that you can choose from:

  • Avilés
  • Bilbao
  • Burgos
  • Gijón
  • León
  • Oviedo
  • Palencia
  • Ponferrada
  • San Sebastian
  • Vitoria

Why visit Santander?

Because Santander is the perfect destination for all types of tourists, as it has sea, mountains and an interesting historical and artistic heritage. The city also has ample leisure and restaurant areas.
The Magdalena Palace is the most famous monument of the city, but not the only one. Visit El Sardinero, the Cathedral, the Hotel Real, the Gran Casino del Sardinero, the Botin Center and the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse. Don't forget to walk along Paseo de Pereda and Calle del Sol, as well as relax in some of its many green areas.
One of the biggest attractions of the city, however, are its mild temperatures and its twelve beaches of fine golden sand. Some of the most famous are La Concha, El Sardinero, Los Peligros, La Magdalena and Los Bikinis. If you like tranquility, go to Los Molinucos, La Maruca or Mataleñas.
In Santander you will find, of course, a wide gastronomic offer. You should try their seafood, all fresh and top quality, without forgetting the double doughnuts and the cocido montañés.

Get to know the province of Cantabria

You will need a rental car to drive through Cantabria from one end to the other, discovering impressive green areas, wide beaches and beautiful villages. Once you have enjoyed yourself in the capital, don't hesitate for a moment and start visiting these other four towns:

Castro Urdiales

Drive your rental van along the A-8 for just over 45 minutes to reach this beautiful municipality populated by almost 32,000 castreños. Located on the border with Vizcaya, it is only 35 kilometers from Bilbao. Once here, don't miss the Church of Santa María de la Asunción, the Old Bridge, the Castle and the Santa Ana Lighthouse.


Both municipalities are separated by about 53 kilometers, a journey that will take you approximately 45 minutes driving along the A-67 and the A-8. The town was famous for hosting the Comillas Pontifical University, which years ago was transferred to Madrid. What still remains is the work of Antoni Gaudí, who designed El Capricho in this town. Also worth a visit are the statue of the artist, the Cueva de La Meaza, the main facade of the Cemetery, the Palacio de Sobrellano and the Parque Güell y Martos, designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner.


San Vicente de la Barquera

60 kilometers, about 45 minutes, separate the capital from this beautiful coastal town. To get here, you only have to drive along the A-67 to Torrelavega and connect with the A-8. 80% of the municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera corresponds to the Natural Park of Oyambre, making it the perfect destination for those who enjoy nature. It is also worth visiting the Church of Santa María de los Ángeles, the Old Convent of San Luis, the Castle, the Provost's Tower, the Old Town and the Lebaniega Route.

Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar is separated by 30 kilometers from the Cantabrian capital by the A-67. The 'town of the three lies', as it is popularly known, is world famous for housing the Altamira Caves, one of the most important pictorial and artistic examples of prehistoric times. In addition, the town is part of the Network of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain thanks, in part, to the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana and Cloister, the palaces of Viveda and Mijares and the medieval Tower of Calderón de la Barca.

Main municipalities in the province of Cantabria

  • Cabezón de la Sal
  • Piélagos
  • Camargo
  • Polanco
  • Cartes
  • Reinosa
  • Castro Urdiales
  • Reocín
  • Colindres
  • Santa Cruz de Bezana
  • El Astillero
  • Santa María de Cayón
  • Laredo
  • Santander
  • Los Corrales de Buelna
  • Santoña
  • Madina de Cudeyo
  • Suances
  • Medio Cudeyo
  • Torrelavega

Getting to Santander Driving

In this section we will not stop to examine all the roads leading to Santander. From Autofurgo only want to give some brief indications that serve to know at a glance some of the most used roads to travel to Santander.

For more detailed information should consult road guides or the DGT website. Do not forget that new technologies allow us to have data on the state of traffic and roads that are updated almost instantly. This is very useful for long journeys.

Regarding the roads that go to Santander we have selected the following:

  • The A-66: It is one of the main arteries connecting the Andalusian Community with Santander.
  • The A-67: It joins this city of Cantabria with Madrid and other territories of the plateau.
  • The A-8: Toll highway that surrounds the Cantabrian Sea and facilitates access to Santander from areas such as the Basque Country to the East or Asturias to the West.

Where to park your rental van in Santander?

When moving or transporting large loads for a client, it is normal to need to park the van for more or less long periods of time. For this reason, in Autofurgo we have decided to recommend some paid parking in Santander.

Not that it is strictly necessary to scrape the pocket for our users to leave their van in the area of the city that is most convenient for them. However, for the sake of the safety of furniture and goods we believe that the paid parking lots meet all the requirements for drivers who rely on Autofurgo are reassured in this regard. Let's see some examples:

  • Parking Alonso Street, 3. In this site the parking spaces are subway but there is adequate lighting. It is available to anyone who wants it from Monday to Sunday. Parking for 24 hours costs 15 euros.
  • Empark Aparcamientos y Servicios S.A: This paid parking is located at Plaza de México, Calle Alta. There are toilets and even mobile coverage. It is open only from Monday to Friday, so it is not suitable for those who have to travel to Salamanca by van at the weekend. The price for a 24-hour stay is 15.45 euros.
  • Masaveu Parking: It is located in Plaza de Numancia. It is a subway car park with 244 spaces that does not offer any other extra beyond its capacity to accommodate vehicles. Open from Monday to Sunday. Its price for 24 hours is 15.80 euros.
  • Orlando: This is another subway parking that has no other incentive than to facilitate the parking of the rental van or minivan. It is located at Avenida de Castilla, 64. It is open Monday to Sunday. Parking for 24 hours costs 14 euros.
  • Interparking Hispania S.A.: The address of this parking is Plaza de Esperanza. Among its attractions are the fact that it offers parking spaces for the disabled as well as for motorcycles and has toilets and an elevator. It is important for van drivers to emphasize that the maximum height allowed for vehicles to park without difficulty is 2.10 meters. Open from Monday to Sunday. The price for 24 hours is 15.45 euros.

Santander, a small city with a heavy traffic flow

Driving through the streets of Santander can be tedious in some areas due to the large number of vehicles circulating through them. The greatest inconvenience occurs at rush hour, coinciding with the entrance or exit to the office or school.

The massive use of private cars and the lack of knowledge of the works being carried out in the city are the basis of this problem. From Autofurgo recommend properly informed of the state of the streets through which it will circulate and avoid moving the van in the busiest hours whenever it can be avoided.