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Van rental in Sabadell

Rent easily and economically your van in Sabadell.


Van rental in Sabadell

Book your van rental in Sabadell with Furauto and discover the beauty and uniqueness of a unique Catalan enclave. Stroll through the stalls of the Central Market or drive to the Caves of Sant Oleguer where long ago lived the immigrants of the city, who knows where the road will take you!
Renting a van for your trips and transfers within Spain, contrary to what some people think, is not something confusing nor does it cost exorbitant amounts of money. At Furauto we have spent years perfecting the art of offering our customers the newest vehicles on the market at the most reasonable prices. Are you going to miss all the offers we have available for you?
If you want more information about our company and how we work you just have to enter our website and see for yourself the variety of the fleet of vans and minivans for rent with which we have. Surely a simple glance will convince you!
To make your van reservation, please fill in the information requested in our online form. Do you need a car or a van? In which province and in which city would you like the delivery and collection of the vehicle to take place? For how long are you going to use it? Clear questions and simple answers so that the rental process does not represent a headache for any of our customers.
In addition, another advantage of relying on Furauto is that we have offices and contact points at train stations and airports so you can have your vehicle as soon as you arrive in Sabadell. Save yourself the hassle of taking a texi or resorting to public transport to get your rental van.
Haven't rented a vehicle before and want to make an inquiry, would you prefer one of our agents to make your reservation for you? No problem. Call our customer service phone number and in a few minutes all the paperwork will be taken care of without the need for signatures and paperwork. That's the way to travel in the 21st century!

Getting to Sabadell by road

In this paragraph the Furauto team has made a small compilation of the main roads that go to Sabadell for users of our vehicles can assess at a glance which route would be more suited to your needs:

The A-2 and AP-2: These are a highway and a freeway respectively that communicate Madrid and Sabadell. It takes almost six hours to travel.
The A-4 and the AP-7: These two roads are the ones you have to take to get to Sabadell from Seville.
The C-58: Connects Barcelona with Sabadell.

Parking the van in Sabadell

If you have never been to Sabadell you may not know the parking lots where you can go in case the traditional walk to find a parking space does not give the expected results. Don't worry because at Furauto we have it all figured out and we are going to offer you some ideas:

Gurrea: It is a covered place that is at the address Carrer de Gurrea, 4. It is open to the public from Monday to Saturday from eight in the morning to ten at night. Its 24-hour parking fee is 30 euros. If you are going to stay less time, the hourly rate is 2.50 euros.
Continental Parking Fira Sabadell: This is a subway parking lot with 350 parking spaces that is open every day of the week. A 24-hour stay costs 14 euros. It has toilets, electric car recharging, spaces for the disabled, elevator and bicycle parking.
Empark Aparcamientos y Servicios, S.A: The company manages the Espronceda parking lot located in Passeig d'Espronceda. It is open every day from Monday to Sunday without interruption. The price for 24-hour parking is 10 euros. It has toilets, parking spaces for disabled people and elevator.

Polluting vehicles in Sabadell

Concern for the environment is very common nowadays. As it could not be otherwise, our vehicles have to adapt to the new times and contribute to make the atmosphere in the cities more breathable by reducing their CO2 emissions.
An important fact to keep in mind if you are going to drive in Sabadell is that from January 1, 2019 certain traffic restrictions will be applied to vehicles that are prior to the Euro 1 category. The aim is to reduce traffic-related emissions by 30% within 15 years. Need more reasons to book a safe and modern rental van with Furauto?