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Van rental in Lugo

Compare sizes on our website, enjoy a fully updated fleet of vehicles.


Make your move in Lugo with Furauto

When it comes to van rental in Lugo our company has no equal. We offer three types of rentals, short term, medium term and long term rental offers for companies, self-employed and individuals. In addition, we have daily rental rates 400 Kilometers included.

We are the easiest option when booking a van or car rental in Lugo, since our client will not have to pay until he picks up his vehicle. Only with your name, phone and email you can make the reservation with total guarantee. No costs when canceling or modifying your reservation.

Compare rental prices in other companies and you will see that Furauto's are unrivaled in providing our customers and users a fleet of vehicles constantly updated.

You can book a van or car rental in Lugo and return the vehicle in another province other than the one of origin. Ask for the ONE WAY service.

You have several sizes of vans to choose from, ranging from a package van such as the Citroën berlingo to 20m³ trucks for larger loads.