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Preferencias de accesibilidad

Van rental in Cádiz with Furauto.

The best prices for van rental in Cádiz capital free zone are available to all users of Furauto, whether individuals or freelancers.


Van rental in Cádiz

The best prices for van rental in Cádiz capital free zone are available to all users of Furauto, whether individuals or freelancers. Furauto offers all sizes of vans for any trip or move. Do not hesitate to contact us through our website to manage the booking of your vehicle online or call us by phone to speak to one of our employees.
In Furauto we have selected a large fleet of commercial and cargo vehicles for Cadiz city. Check our rates and rental offers for companies and individuals who rent their vehicle long term. Monthly rentals start at 20€/day.
The goal of FurAuto Rent a Car is that our customer is satisfied by our service in cheap van rental and quality. We will give you a personalized attention, make your reservation from home and in just a few moments!

Get to know Cádiz

Cadiz, the "tacita de plata" has a lot to offer to both foreigners and visitors. It is one of the oldest cities in the West and almost at every step you can find vestiges of past times. Whether you move to the capital of Cadiz or if you travel to it in a van for work reasons you will be dazzled by its beauty and the friendliness and simplicity of its people.

Furauto can provide the best way to move around Cadiz without being subject to uncomfortable schedules. In our minivans and vans you can carry your house on your back as they say.

There is nothing better or more comfortable than a rental van when you decide to make a move, for example. In a single trip you can transport many of your belongings, saving time that you can later invest in preparing your new residence to make it a home.

In addition, we must not forget the advantages and opportunities of renting a van to carry out the transportation of different types of belongings of your business or company. Office material, documentation from different clients or simply more delicate computer products that you would not trust to a courier company.

Furauto employees will be happy to assist you wherever you are to provide the best of our services. Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we take it very seriously.

We have a multitude of vehicles of different models and sizes for you to choose the one you want. Of course, you don't need to be an expert in vans as our team will be with you every step of the way to give you information and guidance on everything related to car rental, contact us for more details and personalized attention!


Getting to Cadiz by Road

Of course, there are several ways to get to Cadiz. Here we will talk about only a few of them but we must take into account that the AP-4 and the CA-33 are especially important since the rest of the roads lead to them:

  • The A-4 also known as Autovía del Sur or Autovía de Andalucía is one of the accesses that lead to Cádiz. It is a radial highway and connects Madrid, Cordoba and Seville with the capital of Cadiz.
  • The AP-4 coming from Seville is a toll highway of the A-4.
  • The N-340: It is the right road if you take Algeciras as a starting point. It passes through Tarifa, Barbate, Vejer, Conil and Chiclana before reaching Cadiz itself.
  • The CA-33 arrives in Cádiz from San Fernando.

Parking in Cadiz

Cádiz is a city that has practically reached its maximum extension. A priori this should not pose any inconvenience but the truth is that the lack of space is making a dent among drivers looking for a place to leave their vehicle.

Finding a free space on the street in which to park can take about twenty minutes of our time. However, going to a parking lot is the ideal solution to avoid this eventuality. If you do a good search you can find quite competitive prices. The important thing is to know that we can leave our van with total tranquility in a reliable place.

  • Las Calesas: It is located on Cuesta de las Calesas Avenue. It is open from Monday to Sunday and the daily rate is 16 euros. It should be noted that after ten hours of parking the rate will be the same as if you had stayed in the parking lot the whole day.
  • Interparking Hispania S.A.: These are subway parking spaces located in the center of the historic center. Open from Monday to Sunday, the rate for 24 hours is 17.55 euros.
  • Nufan: This parking is located in Santa Catalina, Calle Campo de las Balas. Its price per day is 14.40 euros and it has parking spaces for the disabled.
  • Rebollo: This garage is located on Calle de Brasil. This subway parking has a daily rate of 17 euros.

Driving along the coast of Cadiz

If you have decided to rent a van in Cadiz, a drive along the kilometers of coastline is something unique and unforgettable. The drives along the Bay are very beautiful and something to enjoy all year round as the climate in this part of Spain is usually quite mild. However, don't be overconfident and take warm clothes if you go to the beach in winter.

Renting a van in Cadiz will allow you to explore this city thoroughly and reach any of its corners no matter how far away they are. Your transportation in this city is now fast and safe thanks to the services that Furauto has designed especially for you.

Rent a van online in Rota

The best rental prices in Rota are only available at We have vehicles of various sizes that will help you successfully complete your trips and professional projects. We improve your rental budget if the hiring conditions are equal to those of our company. Do not hesitate to contact Furauto and ask us any questions you may have.

We have cargo and industrial vans in Rota and as if this were not enough we also have excellent rates for long term van rentals. Who would have thought you could enjoy the monthly rental of your van from 20 euros per day?