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Rent a van in Caceres

Drive around Caceres with Furauto , we offer you the most modern and economical fleet of vans.

We offer vehicles in Caceres from the following rental companies

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Search trend for vans in Caceres
price trend: 98%

We have detected a stability in searches for vans in this location.

Our recommendation Take your time to choose from our fleet of vehicles; current demand is normal.

Rental price trend for vans in Caceres
price trend: 90%

We have detected a stability in the rental prices of vans in Caceres.

Our recommendation It is a good time to book, avoid increases if you delay too much.

Reviews from clients in CACERES
Buen servicio y trato al cliente.
Es muy sencillo reservar coche con furauto, a demás de los precios sin competencia. A la mitad que en cualquier otro sitio y con las mismas garantías. Con seguro a todo riesgo y todo la tranquilidad...
María C. G. P.
Facilidad para la reserva y sobre todo buen precio
Juan F. M. B.

Van rental in Cáceres

Furauto's van rental in Cáceres will make your move or your trip to this city no longer a cause for concern and stress. Maybe you have to attend a conference with your colleagues, move house or want to visit the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Montaña, our vehicles will always be available for you!

Our reservation system is designed so that you can choose the van you need without spending hours comparing prices and models. You only have to enter our website and indicate the characteristics of the vehicle you are looking for as well as the time you are going to use it. In addition, you can pick up and deliver your rental van where it suits you best because our company has offices in various parts of the Spanish geography.

And if you prefer to talk to some of the advisors of the Furauto team to ask your questions you just have to pick up the phone and call us. Our contracting conditions are transparent so we guarantee that you will not have any last minute surprises.

We know that there are many questions that may arise when you decide to opt for a rented vehicle instead of your own. What happens in case of breakdown? Who is responsible for the cost of gasoline? Is there a problem if there is more than one driver on the trip? Our agents will provide you with all the information you request at any time, and having the support of a professional and reliable company is always a great help!

See for yourself the advantages of driving a manageable, spacious vehicle with the latest features of the automotive market. Furauto's service combines quality and price, so don't take a gamble when booking a rental van and contact us!

Main roads in Cáceres

Getting to Cáceres can be a problem if you don't know where to go. To overcome this obstacle from Furauto we recommend consulting an updated road map. Below we will briefly list the main roads of Caceres so that our customers have an approximate idea of the route to choose:

  • The A-66: This highway is popularly known as the Ruta de la Plata is the most suitable for approaching Cáceres from both the southern and northern territories of the peninsula.
  • The A-5: Drivers coming from Madrid can take this highway up to Trujillo and from there continue on the A-58 until they reach their destination.

Where to leave the van in Cáceres

  • Sometimes it is not possible to park on the street or it is necessary to access a pedestrian area to finish the move. For those cases in which you are forced to leave your rental van parked for a while, there are paid parking facilities in Cáceres:
  • Cacereña de Parking S.L: This is a multi-storey parking lot with capacity for 500 vehicles located in the Plaza del Obispo Galarza. It is open to the public from Monday to Sunday and its price for parking the van 24 hours is about 12.45 euros. This is a very affordable solution. There are no height restrictions of any kind but there is the small inconvenience that it does not accept card payments.
  • NIARA Parking en Explotación, S.L: This company has an establishment called Parking Don Manuel. The premises are located at Calle San Justo, 15. It is a subway parking lot with 214 spaces. The rate for a 24-hour stay is 13.50 euros and there are weekly and monthly vouchers available. As in the previous case, it is open from Monday to Sunday and only accepts cash payments.
  • El Perú Cáceres Wellness: The address of this 325-space subway facility is Calle Dionisio Acedo. It is open every day of the week with uninterrupted hours. Parking for 24 hours costs 9.65 euros, to be paid in cash.

Driving in a van in Cáceres

Some years ago, Cáceres was recognized as one of the best Spanish cities to drive a car or van. In addition to natural conditions such as good weather, there are other external factors such as the fluidity of traffic and the scarcity of car accidents. Do you need more reasons to move around this city at the wheel of one of Furauto's rental vans?