Van rentals in Badalona

With Furauto in Badalona you can find the van that suits your needs.


Van rental in Badalona

Renting vans in Badalona is an excellent way to get to know everything the city has to offer. Whether you want to visit the ruins of the Roman Baetulo during your vacation or if you are traveling on business Furauto vehicles are the best option in your road trips.
In our company we know that there are times when you can not settle for any vehicle. Sometimes, our private car does not have enough space in the trunk for the luggage of the whole family, is too old to withstand a long trip or simply is in the workshop just when you need it most. No problem! That's what our van rental service is for.
Do you know what the biggest advantages of relying on us are? Well, the rental process takes just a few minutes, with no additional costs and without you having to leave your home. Enter our website and select the type of vehicle you are looking for, the days you are going to use it and where you would like the delivery and collection to take place.
In Furauto have offices in different parts of Spain so our customers always have the assurance that they can come to us for any problems or questions that may arise during their trip.
We offer solutions and transport alternatives for individuals looking to make a getaway or change of residence and companies that need to expand their fleet at specific times to serve their customers as it should.
Don't hesitate and call our contact phone number to ask for more information or to have one of our team members manage the reservation of your rental van for you. Get the most modern vehicles with all the features at the most economical price!

Driving to Badalona in a van

Although some of the users of the rental vans Furauto are professionals in the transport sector and know how to plan a route never hurts to make a brief review of the main roads and highways that give access to Badalona:

  • Highway C-31: It covers the route Barcelona-Mataró.
  • The B-20: Connects Trinidad, Santa Coloma, Montigalà and Conreria.
  • Nacional II: Passes through Madrid, Barcelona, Girona and France.
  • Road B500: Connects Badalona and Mollet.
  • BV5011 Road: It goes from Badalona to Montcada.

Paid parking in Badalona

Looking for a place to park is a recurring source of stress for many drivers. In addition, if you are moving house or if you are going to an unfamiliar city for tourism, the problem becomes even more acute. So that users of Furauto's rental vans do not go through this hard time, we are going to provide some information about several paid parking lots in Badalona:

  • Marina: This is a covered parking located at Carrer de Marina, 27. It opens its doors from Monday to Sunday without interruption. Its price for a 24-hour stay is about 36 euros. There are no height restrictions but it should be noted that payment must be made in cash only.
  • Engestur: It is a subway located in Pompeu Fabra, Calle de la Creu. It is open all day from Monday to Sunday. Its price for parking the van 24 hours is 23.40 euros. Those who prefer to park for less time should know that the hourly rate is 2.60 euros. The premises have special parking spaces reserved for the disabled, recharging for electric cars, toilets and elevator.
  • El Viver: Underground of the Engestur group with capacity for 220 vehicles. The address is Avinguda del President Companys. It is open every day of the week and the price for 24-hour parking is 23.40 euros. It has a car wash, elevator, toilets and parking spaces for the disabled.

Keep an eye on the temperature of your vehicle

So that your trip to Badalona in one of Furauto's rental vans goes smoothly during the summer season, this section includes some tips to help you take care of your vehicle on hot days:
First of all, you should avoid as much as possible to travel by road during the hottest hours. This leaves the early morning and late afternoon as the most suitable hours to move with our van.
Another thing to keep in mind is the tire pressure. If it is too low when it is very hot, the tire will most likely suffer the consequences and wear out before its time. Something similar happens with the brakes, so be careful to avoid sudden changes of speed.