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Van hire in Ferrol can help you get to know every nook and cranny of what they call the "perfect city". Its rectangular layout makes it very easy to move around its streets and also for many it is the Galician capital of Modernism. Functionality and art go hand in hand so that your trip remains imprinted in your memory.

Furauto is your van rental company in Ferrol. Whatever type of vehicle or model you need for your trips or removals we can advise you to find it in an intuitive way and without wasting time through our website or by calling our contact number.

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Among the rental vehicles we have chosen for individuals, businessmen and freelancers are the 20m³ trucks that are used in removals and other smaller models such as 12m³, 10m³, 7m³, and 15m³. If you do not have an idea of the type of vehicle you need, you can always ask us directly!

If you are going to spend a few days in Ferrol and want to move by car visiting the area without paying exorbitant prices Furauto puts it at your fingertips. Make your own routes so that the memories of your trip are unique and unforgettable.

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Where to drop off and pick up your rental van in Ferrol?


Furauto allows you to pick up your rental van in central areas of Ferrol. If you prefer, the ideal price comparator offers you the One-Way system, so you can return your vehicle in this same location or in any other office that Furauto has in the peninsula. See below other municipalities near Ferrol that may be of interest to you:

- A Coruña

- A Coruña Airport

- Santiago Airport

- Vigo Airport

- Lugo Airport

- Orense

- Pontevedra

- Santiago de Compostela

- Vigo

Why visit Ferrol?

Because Ferrol is one of the most important maritime cities in Spain, being especially remarkable its shipyards, built by Felipe V in 1726. Fundamental for the economy of the city is also its Commercial Port and its Military Facilities, headquarters of the Spanish Navy.

Ferrol has a wide historical-artistic heritage, highlighting the Castle of San Felipe, the Jofre Theater and the Co-cathedral of San Julián. The city also offers cultural spaces such as the Naval Museum, Exponav and the Museum of the Sociedade Galega de Historia Natural.

Ferrol also has a series of beaches characterized by their unspoiled environment. Enjoy surfing and swimming in its four blue flag beaches: Doniños, San Jorge, A Fragata and Esmelle. The best views of the Ferrol estuary are from the city's viewpoint.

Galician gastronomy is one of the best in the world, so don't miss its meats and sausages, its vegetables and, of course, its fish and seafood. If you have the opportunity, try the turbot, barnacles, clams, cockles and scallops. For dessert we recommend a Santiago cake and an Estrella Galicia beer to drink. If you prefer wine, remember that Galicia has five denominations of origin: Monterrey, Valdeorras, Rías Baixas, Ribeiro and "Viño da Terra de Betanzos".

Main roads in the province of Ferrol


  • A-6: Northwest Highway
  • AG-64: Highway Ferrol - Villalba
  • FE-11: East access to Ferrol
  • FE-12: Connection with Ferrol Outer Port.
  • FE-13: North Access to Ferrol
  • FE-14: South Access to Ferrol
  • FE:15: North access to the Port of Ferrol
  • N-655: Access to the Outer Port of Ferrol
  • N-VI: La Coruña Highway
  • AP-9: Ferrol - La Coruña - Santiago - Pontevedra - Vigo - Tui (toll)

Do you need to rent a van in Ferrol? Enter the Furauto search engine and find the vehicle that best suits your needs. Do not waste time and book your transport at the best price!