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Van rentals in Cartagena

Book online your van rental in Cartagena with Furauto.


Rent a van in Cartagena

Van rental in Cartagena is one of the most comfortable and cheapest ways to move around this Mediterranean city. Carrying out your move in a short time or enjoying the acclaimed festivities of Cartagineses y Romanos with the whole family are luxuries that are now within your reach and without spending an extra euro. Change the way you travel!

You can't even imagine how easy and fast it can be to book your van online without leaving your armchair. Browse our website to see our prices and offers and take a good look at the variety of our fleet of vehicles and you'll be thrilled!

But what do you have to do if you decide to book a rental van with us? Nothing simpler than filling out a short form in which you tell us what kind of van you are interested in and the date of collection and delivery of the same.

Of course, in Furauto we know the value of personalized customer service. That's why our phone lines are open so you can call us and ask us anything. Our employees will manage the booking of your rental van directly so that you do not have to do anything but enjoy your trip.

But tourism, either with family or friends, is not the only reason to get a rented van. In Furauto we have been concerned about providing the best transport solutions for both businesses and individuals. If you have to go on a business trip or transport a number of packages to meet the orders of your customers our vehicles will save you time and money by helping you get to your destination.

No more spending large sums of money on a vehicle that you will use only once in a while. Look for savings and profitability for your business project and ask us for a rental van wherever and whenever you want. What are you waiting for to make your reservation?

Going to Cartagena by van

There are several ways to get to Cartagena by road, but depending on your starting point, one route or another will be more useful. Below we will see which are the most common alternatives:

  • If you are coming from places in the center of the peninsula, such as Madrid, the most comfortable is to drive along the A-30 or Autovía Albacete - Murcia.
  • The A-7/AP-7: This is a highway and a freeway respectively that will take the traveler to Cartagena from the South and Northeast of Spain.
  • The N-332: It leads to Cartagena from the northeastern part of the country.

Looking for parking in Cartagena

In order for our move to Murcia to go as smoothly as possible and in the desired time, we are going to recommend some parking lots in Cartagena. That way, no time will be wasted driving around the neighborhood with the van:

  • Plaza de España: This huge subway car park with 789 spaces is especially suitable for making use of it by the hour. The address is Alameda de San Antón. Parking for one hour costs 1.20 euros. Customers appreciate the monthly voucher offered by the company, which costs only 40 euros. This alternative can be especially interesting for companies or individuals planning a longer trip to Cartagena.
  • Los Portales de la Lonja: This is a subway car park with 205 parking spaces located on Calle de Ángel Bruna. The fee for parking the van 24 hours is 18 euros. Payment must be made in cash. Customers highlight the cleanliness of the site as well as its good access and the attention of the staff. It is open from Monday to Sunday.
  • Parking del Puerto: It is a subway parking lot located in Paseo de Alfonso XII. It is open every day of the week and the price for parking 24 hours is 18.70 euros. This amount must be paid in cash.

Traffic in Cartagena

Cartagena is a city very committed to road safety. Not surprisingly, this year the local police of the city has participated in an awareness campaign of the DGT to reduce the number of distractions at the wheel and the accidents they cause. In Furauto support any initiative that advocates responsible driving!