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Car rental Fuenlabrada

In Furauto we want you to find the perfect rental car to enjoy your stay in Fuenlabrada and the rest of the Community of Madrid.


At Furauto we want you to find the perfect rental car for you to enjoy your stay in Fuenlabrada and the rest of the Community of Madrid. Pick up and drop off your vehicle in a simple and economical way thanks to our wide network of branches.

Welcome to Fuenlabrada, the town where you will find the culture, relaxation and party you were looking for. A mixture of a small traditional town that has been surrounded by a big city in Madrid. In fact, it is the fourth most populous municipality in the Community. From Furauto, we want you to enjoy your rental car and, to make your trip easier, here are some useful tips.

Get to know Fuenlabrada

195,000 Fuenlabreños populate, today, this huge Madrid municipality located 17 kilometers southwest of the capital. Fuenlabrada is, after Madrid, Móstoles and Alcalá de Henares, the most populated locality of the Community.

It is believed that its name derives from "Fuente Labrada" and refers to the Fuente de los Cuatro Caños, the oldest fountain in the city. The neighborhoods of Loranca and Fregadores housed the first settlements back in the twelfth century, but its peak came in the 80s of the last century. The Baby Boom and the arrival of thousands of young couples turned a practically uninhabited area into one of the most important dormitory cities in the center of the country.

Today, Fuenlabrada is also known for its basketball team and for being the birthplace of composer Dionisio Aguado, soccer player Fernando Torres, singer Leo Jiménez, actor David Castillo and the bullfighter known as "El Fundi".

Where can I pick up and deliver my car?

With Furauto you can pick up your rental car at the busiest stations and nerve centers, just look for the point that best suits your needs in our search engine (

How to get to Fuenlabrada

The best way to get to Fuenlabrada is to take the Cercanías line C-5. This route connects the Móstoles el Soto station with Fuenlabrada Central and Humanes, passing through Atocha and Méndez Álvaro. In addition, line 12 of Metro Sur has five stops in this municipality, which also has a large fleet of urban and interurban buses.

If you prefer to arrive by car, you should know the main access roads to the capital: A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, A-5 and A-6. But also:

  • A-42. Autovía de Toledo: Joins Madrid and Toledo passing through the Fuenlabrada industrial estate.
  • M-50: Circumnavigates Madrid through the metropolitan area.
  • M-405: Connects Fuenlabrada, Humanes de Madrid and Griñón.
  • M-407: Passes through Leganés, Fuenlabrada, Moraleja de Enmedio and Griñón.
  • M-409: Road between Leganés and Fuenlabrada.
  • M-413: Connects Fuenlabrada, Moraleja de Enmedio, Arroyomolinos and Parque Coimbra (Madrid-Xanadu Shopping Center).
  • M-419: Connects Cobo Calleja with Cubas de la Sagra.
  • M-506: Arrives at Arganda del Rey through San Martín de la Vega, Pinto, Fuenlabrada, Móstoles and Villaviciosa de Odón.

Tolls to take into account

You will not find toll roads in or out of Fuenlabrada. However, keep in mind that Madrid is surrounded by ring roads and radials, some of which are toll roads.

  • AP-41:Madrid-Toledo. You can take it in the municipality of Arroyomolinos.
  • R-4:Madrid-Ocaña. At the height of Getafe.
  • R-5:Madrid- Navalcarnero. It starts in Carabanchel and passes through Fuenlabrada crossing the Loranca Shopping Center.

Parking in Fuenlabrada

You may have some problems parking in Fuenlabrada depending on the area where you want to park. In streets with old buildings, without private parking, you may have to drive around a lot, although you will surely find a parking space. However, you can always leave your vehicle in the area of Fuenlabrada Central or La Serna station or at the fairgrounds.

Tourism in Fuenlabrada: what you can not miss

Here we show you the Top 10 of the places you can visit in Fuenlabrada:

  1. San Esteban Parish: Religious center of the city, located in the Plaza de Francisco Escolar. Its interior houses an altarpiece by José de Churriguera.
  2. Old Town Hall: Presiding over the town square is the old town hall, which must have been built after the Cortes de Toledo in 1480. On September 15, 1878 the building was inaugurated as we know it today.
  3. Fuente de los Cuatro Caños: It is the oldest fountain in the city and it is believed that it also gives its name to this town. It was inaugurated on November 15, 1859 to supply the growing population.
  4. Fuente de las Escaleras: It was built in 1987 by Fernando González Cortázar and is located at the intersection of Calle Francia and Avenida de las Naciones. It is famous among Fuenlabreños because Real Madrid titles are celebrated here.
  5. Pabellón Fernando Martín: Home of the Fuenlabrada basketball team.
  6. Solidarity Park: More than 100,000 square meters that house four children's areas, a bio-healthy area, a rose garden, a lake and sports facilities.
  7. Boulevard Primero de Mayo: Popularly known as the Park of the Ducks, it has a small artificial lake where these animals live.
  8. Josep Carreras Theater: The second most important cultural center of the city. It is located in the Parque de la Paz.
  9. Tomás y Valiente Art Center: Since 2005, more than 400 exhibitions have been inaugurated within its walls and some of the best plays of the capital have been performed there.
  10. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos: Inaugurated in 2000, this campus offers studies related to Communication, Tourism and Telecommunications. The Alicia Alonso Higher Institute of Dance opened its doors here in 2007.

Get to know the Community of Madrid by car

Alcalá de Henares, El Escorial, Chinchón, the Sierra Madrileña, Pinto or Aranjuez are other destinations that you have very close by car and that you cannot miss. And, of course, you can not miss the capital.