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Rent a car Cadiz

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Visiting Cádiz with your rental car

Welcome to Cadiz. La tacita de plata is a city rich in culture, traditions, sun and art. A favorite destination for thousands of tourists every year, here you will find everything you need to enjoy a wonderful stay. And if you need your own means of transportation, Furauto's car rental service can help you.


The more than 120,000 inhabitants of Cadiz make it the second most populated city in the province, with Jerez de la Frontera in first place. The capital, which is also part of the Bay of Cadiz, was named "Mermaid of the Ocean" by the poet Lord Byron.

But he was not the only one who fell in love with this city. Thousands of tourists flock to Cadiz and its beaches every year to enjoy its 18.4 °C annual average and its 27.9 °C average in August. In addition, all of them have the possibility to have fun with a night of tapas in the Barrio de la Viña, eating fried fish under the sun or with an excellent cultural offer.

And, of course, Cadiz is Carnival. In addition to being declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, its group competition has been held for more than 100 years. For all these reasons, the Falla Theater is the temple of the chirigota.

The city of Cadiz also hides several monumental wonders such as Puerta de Tierra, the Torreón de Puerta Tierra and the Gran Teatro Falla. Not to mention interesting archaeological remains such as the Roman Theater or the Factory of salted fish.

You already know that one of the best alternatives to make your trips during your trip is to rely on the cheap car rental service in Cadiz of Furauto. And the best thing is that you will have a fully equipped modern vehicle. The comfort and safety of our customers on the road is important.


How to get to Cadiz

Cadiz is a city very well connected through various means of transport as we explain below:

  • If you want to get to Cadiz by plane, you will have to fly to Jerez airport. Another good alternative is by boat, catamaran, cruise ship or ferry.
  • The Renfe railroad station is in the center of the city and from here trains depart and arrive from all parts of Spain. The Madrid-Cádiz, Seville-Cádiz and the commuter trains are the most used lines.
  • If you prefer the road, the bus is also a good option. Cadiz has daily routes to Andalusian cities, Murcia, La Coruña, León, Bilbao and Madrid.
  • By car, you can access Cadiz with the AP-4 (toll road) or the CA-33. The latter links with the A4 and the A-48 or Autovía de la Luz (to go to Chiclana, Conil and Vejer). From Algeciras and Tarifa you will have to take the N-340.

Where can I pick up and drop off my rental car in Cadiz?

With Furauto you can pick up and drop off your rental car at the train station in Cadiz as well as in several reference points among which are the Zona Franca or the bus station. Use our search engine to find the place that best suits your visit to the capital of Cadiz.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Cadiz with Furauto?

To find out exactly how much it costs to rent a car in Cadiz with Furauto you can enter our website and fill out a short form with the basic details of collection and delivery of your vehicle. We will show you the available models and select the best prices on the market for you.

Where else in the province of Cadiz can I have my rental car?

In Furauto we have a cheap car rental service in Jerez de la Frontera, La Línea de la Concepción, Rota, Chiclana or Algeciras. If you have any questions about which of our offices best suits your itinerary just contact us by phone or email.

Tolls to take into account in Cadiz

If you are going to move with your rental car in Cadiz you have to keep in mind that there is a toll road to enter and leave the city. The AP-4 or Autopista del Sur joins Seville, at Dos Hermanas, with the N-443 in the capital of Cadiz.

How is the traffic in Cadiz?

One of the issues that most concern drivers when embarking on a car rental trip is the traffic at the destination. The most conflictive points in Cadiz in this regard are the Duque de Nájera, Campo del Sur and Ana de Viya avenues.

Evidently, the times of the year with the greatest influx of tourists are also the ones with the most traffic jams. The Carnival of Cadiz in February or the summer season are two clear examples.


Parking your rental car in Cadiz

Parking your rental car in Cadiz requires experience. The narrow streets and the lack of parking often strain the patience of many drivers. If you find a place, it will probably be in the blue zone, so you will have to renew your ticket often. Therefore, from Furauto we advise you to leave your vehicle in a public or private parking. This will save you time, nerves and bad moods.

Sightseeing in Cadiz with your rental car

Cadiz is one of the most impressive cities in Spain. You will need several days to enjoy its culture, its people and its beaches. Here we show you the Top 10 of the must-sees.

  1. Mercado de Abastos: The ideal place to interact with the locals and learn about their daily life.
  2. Cathedral: Santa Cruz sobre el Mar or the New Cathedral is a beautiful example of a Mannerist style temple. Do not miss the Clock Tower, the Choir and the Crypt.
  3. Torre Tavira: Climb to the top of this monument to enjoy the best views of Cadiz. Check the opening hours so you don't miss its impressive camera obscura.
  4. Parque Genovés: Formerly known as El Perejil, it is the most important green area of the city.
  5. Walls of San Carlos, Castle of Santa Catalina and Castle of San Sebastian: Impossible to miss the Walls, located next to the Plaza de España and the two castles that crown the Caleta Beach.
  6. Roman Theater: It is the oldest in the entire Peninsula, as it was built around 70 BC.
  7. The Falla: The Gran Teatro de Cádiz has the luxury of hosting the Carnival Group Contest every year.
  8. Campo del Sur: This great avenue, which runs along the Sea of Vendaval, evokes in some points the famous Malecón of Havana.
  9. Beaches: La Caleta, Santa María del Mar, Cortadura and La Victoria are four beaches in Cadiz that have nothing to envy to the Caribbean paradises.
  10. Gastronomy: You can not leave Cadiz without sitting on a terrace to eat fried fish, adobo and oysters accompanied by a good glass of wine.

Get to know the Province of Cadiz in a rental car

This region is one of the most beautiful and complete of the Spanish geography. Although there are countless places to visit, we recommend you to visit Arcos de la Frontera, Alcalá del Valle, Grazalema, Zahara de la Sierra, Jerez de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera, Medina Sidonia, Chiclana de la Frontera, Jimena de la Frontera, Olvera and Rota.

You can also enjoy the sea and the sun in the beaches of Zahara de los Atunes, Barbate, Fuente del Gallo, Conil, Punta Paloma, Tarifa or Bolonia.