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Car rental Caceres

In Autofurgo we want you to find the rental car that best suits your trip to Cáceres in a simple and economical way.

We offer vehicles in Caceres from the following rental companies

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Reviews from clients in Caceres
Buen servicio y trato al cliente.
Es muy sencillo reservar coche con furauto, a demás de los precios sin competencia. A la mitad que en cualquier otro sitio y con las mismas garantías. Con seguro a todo riesgo y todo la tranquilidad...
María C. G. P.
Facilidad para la reserva y sobre todo buen precio
Juan F. M. B.

At Autofurgo we want you to find the rental car in Caceres that best suits your trip in a simple and economical way. Pick up and drop off your car easily thanks to our system of branches in the province.

Travel around Cáceres with your rental car

Welcome to Cáceres, the city that will make you travel to the Middle Ages. Its streets, squares and monuments of medieval and renaissance times will leave you speechless. The city holds the title of capital of the province since 1822 and has about 95,000 inhabitants. It is the largest municipality in the country and the most populated city in the region.

Cáceres was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986 and no wonder. The Old City of Cáceres will take you back to the Medieval Age with its magnificent Co-cathedral, the Provincial Museum, the Casa del Sol or the Arco de la Estrella.

Alquiler de coches en Caceres

This is a city where you will have to walk to get into its history, its culture, its squares, its towers, its churches, its palaces and its parks. Whether you come here for business or for tourism, you can't miss the opportunity to discover for yourself all that Cáceres has to offer.

If you are one of those people who like to fill your trip with activities to make the most of your time, you should know that events such as the Extremúsica Festival, the essential Medieval market of the Three Cultures or the Torta del Casar Week take place here.

From the Autofurgo team we know how important it is to have your own means of transport when you travel to a different city. For this reason, we offer you the largest and most modern fleet of rental vehicles in Caceres. Enjoy all the comforts and move freely is cheaper than you think thanks to our online comparator.

How to get to Cáceres

It is not possible to get to Cáceres directly by plane. The nearest airport is located in Talavera la Real, in Badajoz.

The railroad station, located on the outskirts of the city, links Cáceres with Madrid and Badajoz thanks to medium distance trains.

Nearby is also the bus station, which offers regional routes and links to other provincial capitals and nearby cities.

If you come to Cáceres by road and you are going to move with your rental car here we show you the busiest roads:

  • A-5. Autovía del Suroeste: it joins Madrid with Badajoz passing through Navalmoral de la Mata, Trujillo and Miajadas.
  • A-66/ N-630. Gijón-Sevilla. Ruta de la Plata: it crosses the peninsula from north to south and passes through Plasencia and Cáceres.
  • N-521: from Trujillo to the Portuguese border, bypassing the city of Cáceres.
  • A-58. Extremadura Highway: connects Trujillo with Cáceres.
  • EX-A1. Northern Extremadura Highway: the best way to travel from Navalmoral de la Mata to Plasencia and Coria.
  • EX-A2: it starts in the town of Miajadas (Cáceres) and goes to Don Benito (Badajoz).

How to book a rental car in Caceres with Autofurgo?

From Autofurgo we work every day to make the process of booking a rental car in Caceres or in any other Spanish city as intuitive, fast and cheap as possible. Select the dates you are going to need your car through our comparator and choose from the range of available models the one that suits you best in terms of price and performance.

Where can I pick up and drop off my rental car in Caceres?

Autofurgo allows you to pick up and drop off your rental car at the train station in Caceres and in important points of the city. Discover the advantages of our One Way service if you prefer to choose any of our offices throughout Spain.

Can I reserve a 7-seater rental car in Caceres?

Of course you can. In Autofurgo we are specialists in providing transport solutions for all needs so the 7-seater vehicles and even 9 can not miss within our catalog.

How much does it cost to fill up the tank of my rental car in Caceres?

Although the price of gasoline changes over time it can be said that the price to fill the tank of your rental car ranges between 50 € and 70 €. Remember with our full/full policy you will pay only for the fuel you spend.

Parking your rental car in Cáceres

When you park your rental car in Cáceres you should know that in the vicinity of the center you will find narrow streets and dead ends. We recommend you to have a map handy so you don't get lost.

Avoiding the old town, where traffic is restricted, you can park for free on the street and just a few minutes walk from, for example, the Plaza Mayor. Of course, it may take you a few more turns.

Cáceres also has regulated parking zones. You should avoid the blue and green zones if you want to visit the city and not waste time renewing your ticket.

From Autofurgo we recommend you to leave your car in a public or private parking. Some of them are shown in the following link.

Another option is to hire the parking service if you are going to spend the night in a hotel in the city.

Sightseeing in Cáceres with your rental car

Having a rental car in Cáceres is a great way to discover its charms. The beauty of the city, its style and architecture are unique in the world. Check out the Top 10 monuments and places not to be missed:


  1. Plaza Mayor: Meeting point for Cacereños, here highlights the Torre de Bujaco, the Torre de los Púlpitos, the Town Hall and the Torre de la Yerba.
  2. Plaza de Santa María: Cross the Arco de la Estrella to find the Co-cathedral of Santa María, the Palacio de Carvajal, the Palacio Episcopal and the Palacio de Diputación Provincial.
  3. Plaza de San Jorge: Beautiful place that houses the Church of San Francisco Javier, the statue of St. George and the Dragon and the Palace of the Golfines de Abajo.
  4. Part Alta: Discover the Plaza de San Mateo, the Plaza de San Pablo, the Plaza de las Veletas and all the monuments that are located there. Do not miss the Palacio de las Cigüeñas, the Casa del Sol and the Torre de Sande.
  5. Walls and Arch of Christ: The oldest gateway to the city. It dates back to the 1st century and is the only Roman gate that remains.
  6. Jewish Quarter: Old Jewish quarter with narrow alleys and dead-end streets. Walk to the Ermita de San Antonio and the Casa del Judío Rico.
  7. Casa de la Generala: Also called Palacio de la Generala, it is a beautiful 15th century building located in the Plaza de Caldereros.
  8. Paseo de Cánovas: The most important green area of the city center, it is one of the arteries of the city.
  9. Maltravieso Cave: One of the most important prehistoric sites in Spain.
  1. Roman flea market: Do not miss the Roman Camp of Cáceres el Viejo. Check the visiting hours before traveling there.

Get to know the Province of Cáceres by Car

Alcántara, Trujillo, Plasencia, Guadalupe, San Martín de Trevejo, Brozas and Cuacos de Yuste are other towns in Cáceres that you can visit with your rental car. Also, try to travel to Monfragüe National Park and the Jerte Valley.