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How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?

We will send you a confirmation e-mail.

What can I do if I have not received the confirmation e-mail?

Please check that you have added your e-mail address correctly. If 24 hours after making the reservation you still have not received the voucher, it is very possible that the anti-spam system of your e-mail account has blocked our e-mail and has automatically put it in one of these folders: "Spam" or "Junk mail". In case you still cannot find the confirmation e-mail, please contact us by e-mail.

Do I have to pay the rent in advance?

Depending on the provider company, you will have to make an online prepayment or not. Do an online simulation, you will be able to check if that particular vehicle is prepaid. Cars usually have prepayments, but some industrial vans do not, as the supplier forces us to work that way. For more information about companies with payment at destination, please call us at our customer service number.

What is the maximum rental period?

In most cases the maximum rental period is 30 days. In case you need a vehicle for a longer period, please contact us.

How do I calculate the rental days?

The days are calculated in 24-hour periods starting from the pick-up time of the vehicle.

Is it possible to add an additional driver to my reservation?

Yes, it is possible. The details of the additional drivers are given directly at the office where you pick up the vehicle. Please note that the additional driver must be present with his/her original and valid documents.

How can I rent two vehicles?

In case you want to rent two vehicles you have to make two separate reservations, one for each vehicle and with the name of the corresponding driver on each reservation.
The same applies if you wish to rent more than two vehicles. One reservation per vehicle is required, as we cannot reserve more than one vehicle in the same reservation.

Can I choose the vehicle model when booking?

Unfortunately we cannot confirm the make or model of the vehicle that will be delivered to you. The rental made is not necessarily linked to a specific vehicle (make/model, color, equipment, etc.) but to a group of vehicles with similar technical and habitability characteristics. The vehicle shown on the Confirmation Voucher may be replaced by a similar car or a higher group at no additional cost depending on the fleet available at the local office. The availability and prices of each offer shown on the website are set by each car rental company.

What documents are required to rent a vehicle?

  • - Confirmation e-mail (Rental voucher)
  • - Original driving license
  • - Original passport, NIE or DNI (identity card)
  • - Your credit card (Visa or Mastercard )

How can I extend the rental period once I have picked up the vehicle?

Please call us by phone to extend your rental contract. Our contact number can be found on the confirmation voucher we send you. Please note that in order to extend your rental contract you will have to go to the office where you picked up the vehicle to sign the extension. In case you do not come to the office to sign, the vehicle insurance may become invalid and the company may fine you for not signing the extension on time.

Driver's license

Can I bring a copy of my passport or driver's license?

No, it is not possible. In order to rent a vehicle you must bring your original and valid driver's license and passport.

Do I need an international driver's license?

In case you do not have an EU driving license, an international driving license is required to rent a vehicle.

Is it possible to pay with a credit card of a person who is not present when picking up the vehicle?

No, it is not possible. The owner of the credit card has to be stated in the contract as one of the drivers of the reserved vehicle and has to be present at the office to pick up the vehicle and make the payment.


How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

Normally vehicles can be rented between 21 and 75 years of age, although this age range may vary depending on the destination and type of vehicle. Some suppliers require a minimum age of 25 to rent certain vehicles. You will find all relevant information on this subject on the confirmation voucher.

Who can drive the rented vehicle?

Only the persons listed on the rental contract as drivers are allowed to drive the vehicle. If you are not listed on the contract you cannot drive the vehicle.

Is there any cost if I want to cancel or modify my reservation?

If the cancellation is less than 48 hours in advance, there may be a cancellation fee. In any case there are no costs for modification of reservation, only if there is cancellation less than 48 hours in advance.

How can I know the kilometers included in my rental?

Please note that each supplier has different contracting conditions. You can find suppliers of vehicles with unlimited mileage, and suppliers that limit their mileage to 300km/day or 375km/day or 475km/day. Consult the rental conditions.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes, always. Each vehicle supplier has a stipulated deposit and conditions on how to leave the deposit. Normally all companies will retain by credit card an amount ranging between 150€ and 300€, which will be returned upon return of the vehicle.

Do I have roadside assistance if I rent with Autofurgo?

Within the national territory you will have roadside assistance in case of breakdown or accident. In the event that you were to circulate outside the national territory will have to hire international assistance insurance.

How long can I be delayed to deliver the vehicle?

Normally the car rental suppliers offer 30 minutes of courtesy to deliver the vehicle, in case of returning it later you will be charged an extra day.

Do I need a special license for vans?

No, since the vans do not exceed 3500 kg, you can drive with the B license.

Who pays for the fuel consumed?

The fuel will be paid by the customer.

Is it possible to embark a vehicle?

No, at no time can any type of passenger car or commercial vehicle be taken on board. That is the rule of the multinationals.